1. Cost of Shows

Prices for marching shows and concert band commissions depend upon what types of arrangements or compositions you are interested in. Please email me for a quote.

2. Payment Options

I offer very flexible payment options. Realizing that school districts and booster organizations have varied budgets and timelines, paying in installments usually works fine.

3. Licensing

For original compositions or public domain arrangements, no extra license is required.

For non-public domain arrangements, a permission to arrange agreement from the copyright holder is required. Many publishers have a web site with directions on how to do this. I can also help you find out who may hold copyright for a given work. Once I have received the signed documentation from the copyright holder, I can proceed with the arrangement. Bands are responsible for all “permission to arrange and/or perform” licensing fees.

MENC is one place you can find a standardized form. www.menc.org

4. Exclusivity

Texas – Exclusivity is by UIL region within your class.

Other States – Exclusivity is provided statewide or within your primary circuit. After analyzing each group’s show schedule, I will determine the likelihood of any conflicts.

Please let me know if you will be attending shows outside of your state!

5. Percussion/Alternate Woodwind Parts

General mallet and synthesizer staves are included. These parts can be further developed by the percussion arranger. Any battery parts heard on the audio are simply to give an idea of the “feel” for a given piece.

Alternate woodwind parts are provided for less mature players. These parts follow the principle lines, but they are less demanding in the areas of technique and range.

6. Score/Part Orientation

Scores are offered in either Landscape or Portrait orientation, depending on your preference.

Parts are available in Portrait orientation, so they may fit easily into a standard binder.

7. Sample Scores

Sample scores are available for you to peruse.  These are just small samples that allow you to see the general scoring, difficulty level, and ranges for certain parts of the show.

8. Contact Me